Bad Tux Consulting

Welcome to the home page of Eric Lee Green. I make Linux-based storage and network appliances happen.

Executive summary: Linux platform and software engineer. Linux, clustering, storage, and network appliance expertise. Over 10 years of experience with Linux, extensive HA clustering and virtualization management, and creator of multiple Linux distributions and back-end infrastructure software for multiple network appliances in the storage and security industries. Have been through the full product life cycle of concept to market (and sustaining engineering) multiple times and a detail-oriented driver of products to market whether as a project lead or as an individual contributor.

If it involves Linux I've likely done it. I've architected complex distributed software and prototyped hardware. I've set up complete virtualized IT infrastructures, and written device drivers. I've written Tomcat JSP front end code for managing optical disk silos, and bit-banged 9600 baud RS-232 with a 1Mhz PIC microcontroller with no timer and no interrupt controller, just cycle timing a state machine. I've worked with customers to figure out what they needed to solve their problem, and written management infrastructures that allow them to solve their problems. If you are looking for someone with a broad overview of technology and how customers actually use it to help drive your product to market, you've reached the place.

Note -- not currently looking for opportunities. In the meantime, please read my blog.

-- Eric Lee Green, @